Formal Methods for Interactive Systems


Academic Press 1991
ISBN 0-12-218315-0

Now ONLINE (PDF, 1.5Mb)

see also my research pages on formal methods in HCI, which includes an annotated bibliography


  1. Introduction
  2. PIEs - the simplest black-box model
    see also the original PIE paper
  3. Red-PIEs - result and display
  4. Sharing and interference in window managers
  5. The myth of the infinitely fast machine
    see also my HCI'87 paper of the same name and my time page
  6. Non-determinism as a paradigm for understanding the user interface
    see also the chapter of the same name that appeared in Harrison and Thmbleby's 1990 collection
  7. Opening up the box
  8. Dynamic pointers: an abstraction for indicative manipulation
    see also my dynamic pointers page
  9. Complementary functions and complementary views
  10. Events and status - mice and multiple users
    see also my status-event analysis page
  11. Applying formal methods
  12. Conclusions - mathematics and the art of abstraction