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Ask Tex

Important: Tex doesn't answer questions any more, but we are leaving the old questions here in case you still find them useful.

TexTips on finding answers for yourself
Try using Google or Teoma - type in a few words to do with your question. For example, if you need to find out about the uses of cotton - don't just search for cotton. Imagine what the answer to your question might begin with and search for that - try cotton is used for or people use cotton. That way you will find more useful pages more quickly. The sites at About.com are a good place to look for information too - they collect lots of links together and have their own useful articles too - needlepoint.about.com, quilting.about.com, sewing.about.com, knitting.about.com. Even when you can't find exactly what you are searching for, you will often discover some interesting sites as you go along, so add them to your Favorites and you will start to grow your own link collection to help you with research. And if you can't find it on the web - don't forget your local library... Happy hunting!



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